Well Dressed Mannequins

by Well Dressed Mannequins

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released October 16, 2015

Paul Bates: Drums, Percussion
Jarom Horner: Guitar
Jake Joyner: Bass, Vocals
Denver Saunders: Vocals, Guitar

All songs written by Well Dressed Mannequins

Recorded by Paul Bates

Mixed by Tyler Berggren

Produced by Well Dressed Mannequins



all rights reserved


Well Dressed Mannequins Sacramento, California

"They are neither Mannequins, nor particularly Well Dressed, discuss amongst yourselves." It is this idea which fuels WDM, completely devoted to high impact, danceable, riff based, instrumentation and chilling lyrically rich melodies, they don't care about much else but the music they love.. and pizza. ... more

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Track Name: You've Got It All
you've got It all
every little thing
you've won
but you don't know who you are

are you getting exactly what you want?
are these your winnings?
is this what it looks like?

being true to the waters livin inside of you?
to the tide you can't deny

cause if you can have anything you want,
can I know, from you, what's worth wanting

you sold it all
kept nothing for yourself
they never wanted you to know exactly who you are

then you would get exactly what they want
all their winnings
is this what it looks like?

it's the one missed game thas watchin me
not so great as the lie I believed
you can't waste your time here like I did,
not believing in your take
your gentleness it is a waste
if you don't know what you've already won
Track Name: This House
first i'll trade my youth, for the life that you say I'll get to live,
nice clothes, new car, clean shoes, payin restaurants, own house.
i felt like I held it all,
cause this house is holdin me down.

next i'll give my life, for her love that shines the most in the dealership,
nice legs, new rack, great love, too bad she just moved out.
but I'll keep my shit together,
cause this house is holdin me down.

last i'll trade my love, for her youth now that I'm old alone,
she's young, big fun, so young, and look she's twice as hot.
but I can't move like I used to,
cause this house is holdin me down.
Track Name: Days and Days
my baby, let’s me love her strange
my babys, got too much she needs to complain about
like her friends don't like me much
so we keep it on the hush

cause i am where she goes
when she goes
for days and days and days
I don’t ever know if we’ll stay
but we go anyway

your girlfriend reads me too well
my baby knows that I don't kiss and tell
and my friends don't know her much
cause we keep it on the hush

in my alley screaming at the top of her lungs
every part of her face wants to say we're done
but when she's tired she knows I'll give her sleep
she'll come back and turn those days back into weeks

i am where she goes
when she goes where you don't know
Track Name: Overtime (Birthday Song)
i didn't get paid today, same that they paid yesterday
and tomorrow it might be more or less,
no stress.
cause these days our(all) mine
don't mind pulling overtime anymore
cause your time aint over me

come to my job
on my birthday
come see me work
while you play

drinking down what you made
swallowing what you're paid
istill own every second of my life
don't think twice
you can't pocket days
no bank for the time you'd save anyway
what happend to the seconds of ur life?
don't think twice

who stole your sweat today?
same man who took it yesterday,
wiped it up wrung it out in his own damn
cause this days all mine
don't mind pulling overtime any more
cause your time aint over me

i'm peering in the pyramids
checking out the many rooms
comparing it to where I live
but this is just a fancy tomb
remembering where I’ve been
the gift that they prepared for you
that wrapping is just bandages
made you pay for your own tomb

with seconds of your life
don’t you think twice
what happened to your time
falling there in line
Track Name: Sleep
there's no relief
for a broken heart
trying to hold up love
with a shattered core

get it out
put it down
you can forget

sleep will come
and save you
from your broken thoughts
if you can let it in
cause maybe something that's inside you just won't let go
til you're absolutely sure
that at least the sun still rises In the morning

sleep will come
and when you know that the night will soon be gone
sleep will come and save you from yourself

where is the sleep,
for the weary mind
that needs it most
and can't unwind

put it down
to forget
sleep will come

sometimes, when you feel like dying
you should just be dead to the world
and when you feel like you should end it all,
just call on sleep
to save you from yourself